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Object Oriented Design and Programming is essential for any organization that wants to quickly model existing business rules and implement those rules with reusability in mind. OOPortal gives developers, programmers, and consultants information on the fundamentals of programming within the context of object technology.
Object Oriented Design is the concept that forces programmers to plan out their code in order to have a better flowing program.
The origins of object oriented design is debated and the first languages that supported object oriented concepts were Simula and SmallTalk.
The term did not become popular until Grady Booch wrote the first paper titled Object-Oriented Design in 1982.

Basic COM Programming
Compiling COM idl files Implementing dll Register Server Atl uses Multiple Inheritance  
Building C++ Classes
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Corba Java Programming
Corba Java Programming - Glossary
Installing Jacorb Constant TypeDefs Corba Overloaded Methods  
Java Produced by Mapping IDL Structs      
Designing Reusable Code
ADT Conversions Friend Functions Placement Syntax Operator keyword in C++
Operator overloading quiz Binary operator overloading Overloading Unary Operators Overloading Binary Operators
Guidelines for virtual functions  
Programming in C++
Similarities in C and C++ program Program Structure Differences    
Unspecified Arguments
Generic Pointer Type
Structured Programming
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Compilers and Interpreters
Unstructured Programs Decision Construct
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