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Lesson 1

Using ATL to build an in-process COM server

Com implementation Practices
In modules 2 and 3, we studied core COM and implementation practice concepts.
This module discusses how to use the active template library (ATL) to build an in-process server containing a COM object with two interfaces.
At the end of the module, you will be able to:
  1. Describe the role of the ATL framework
  2. Explain what ATL's core classes do
  3. Use the ATL COM-Wizard to generate an in-process COM server
  4. Add your own COM implementation classes into the ATL framework
  5. Add COM properties and methods into your COM objects

ATL is designed to simplify the process of creating efficient, flexible, lightweight controls. This module leads you through the creation of an ActiveX control, demonstrating many ATL and COM fundamentals.