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Adding a read-write property

Here are the Steps required to add a read-write property:
  1. In the project Workspace window with the Class View tab selected, right-click on IReadPhBook.
  2. On the context-sensitive menu, click Add Property... This will bring up the Add Property to Interface dialog.
  3. The first step in adding a property is to set the property type. Open the drop-down menu for Property Type.
  4. Select long as the property type. Normally, the implementation would be visible in the window at the bottom of the dialog.
  5. With the property type set, type CurRec as Property Name. Normally, you would see the implementation as you type in the property name. When you've done this, click OK to finish adding the property.
  6. The Add Property dialog closes. We've expanded the interface IReadPhBook so you can see the property we've added. The project workspace ClassView pane should appear.