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Adding a member function - Exercise

Objective:Add a member function to ch_stack that prints the contents of the stack.


Below you will find the code for the struct ch_stack. Add a print member function to this struct that will print out the contents of the stack.

The struct ch_stack

This code is also available in a file named ch_stack.cpp, which can be found in the compressed course download file available on the Resources page.

const intmax_len = 40;

structch_stack {
//data representation
   char s[max_len]; 
   int  top;
   enum{ EMPTY = -1, FULL = max_len - 1 };

//operations represented as member functions
   void  reset() { top = EMPTY; }
   void  push(char c) {
      assert(top != FULL);
      s[top] = c;
   charpop() {
      assert(top!= EMPTY);
      return s[top--];
   chartop_of() {
      assert(top!= EMPTY);
      return s[top];
     { return (top == EMPTY); }
     { return (top == FULL); }

Paste the source code for the member function below and click the Submit button when you are ready to submit this exercise.