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Lesson 2 Corba Prerequisites
Objective What are the prerequisites for learning Corba?
This course is designed to teach developers the basics of the CORBA architecture.
In order to successfully complete this course, you must be experienced programming in either C++, Smalltalk, or Java.
You should also have experience with object-oriented analysis and design.
A basic understanding of client/server or distributed computing architectures will prove helpful.

Platform support
This course supports the following operating systems:
  1. Windows ®Vista/7/10
  2. Linux/ Mac OS X
  3. Unix

Description: This course introduces how to program distributed objects using Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and using the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA)
Prerequisites: To get the most out of this course, you need to be an experienced Java programmer
Objectives: When you have completed the course, you should be able to:
Contrast RMI and CORBA both at the conceptual and technical levels, write simple RMI and CORBA programs using the Java Development Kit (JDK) version 1.2