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CORBA comparison with distributed computing architectures?

Distributed computing consisting of Service Provider and Service User
The basic idea centers around a software component that provides some service:
  1. data retrieval,
  2. calculations,
  3. hotel reservation,
  4. service management metrics,
  5. supply chain,
  6. mobile payment
There are also other software components that wish to make use of the provider's services.
Distributed computing allows the two components, provider and user to communicate across a network.

Summary of Key Features

  1. Naming Service
  2. Event Service
  3. Life Cycle Service
  4. Persistent Object Service
  5. Transaction Service
  6. Concurrency Control Service
  7. Relationship Service
  8. Externalization Service
  9. Query Service
  10. Licensing Service
  11. Property Service
  12. Time Service
  13. Security Service
  14. Object Trader Service
  15. Object Collections Service