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Lesson 6
Corba Interoperability Conclusion
Interoperability is CORBA's biggest advantage over competing technologies. This module discussed a high-level view of how CORBA achieves interoperability, even down to the protocol level. This level of interoperability did not exist prior to CORBA, and the OMG is continually searching for ways to improve interoperability, effectively raising the bar and changing what the industry may realistically expect vendors to support. The momentum generated by this drive in the marketplace is surely the primary reason that so many vendors are adding CORBA support to their products. It is a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future.

Coming up

In the next module, we will focus on CORBA interfaces.
We will learn how to use CORBA Interface Definition Language, what functionality IDL supports, as well as what is not supported.

Corba Interoperability iiop - Quiz

Before we move on, take this short quiz about the material we have just covered.
Corba Interoperability iiop - Quiz