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Initializing and displaying the simulation

Objective: Write two functions for the main() function of the simulation--one to generate an initial world and one to display the world.


Implement the eden() function to initialize the world when the simulation begins and the pr_state() function to display the world.
Here is main() again for your reference:
int main(){
world  odd, even;
int    i;
init(odd);  init(even);

//initialize inside world to non-empty types
eden(even);         //generate initial world
pr_state(even);      //display garden of eden state

for (i = 0; i < CYCLES; ++i) {  //simulation
   if (i % 2) {
	  update(even, odd);
   else {
	  update(odd, even);
return 0;

This code is also available in a file named worldmain.cpp, which can be found in the compressed course download file available on the Resources page.
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