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Lesson 13 Dynamic multidimensional arrays
Objective The allocate() function

Examine the array allocation function.

The allocate() function in our dynamic, multidimensional array program is used for runtime array allocation.

void allocate(int r, int s, twod& m){
  m.base = new double*[s];
  assert (m.base);
  for (int i = 0; i < s; ++i){
     m.base[i] = new double[r];
     assert (m.base[i]);
  m.row_size = r;
  m.column_size = s;

The allocate() function uses new to allocate:
  1. a vector of column pointers, and
  2. a row of doubles

First a column of pointers to double is allocated. Each of these pointers have the base address for a row of doubles. This space is allocated off the heap iteratively using a for loop. Notice the use of assert to test if the memory allocation was successful.