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Lesson 1

Analysis and Design for Systems

To manage the development process, you must understand how the development phases relate to one another and to the overall process.
Understanding the relationship between the work products facilitates the enhancement and refinement of the models. Just as in analysis, the models must be reconciled to test completeness and correctness. The testing aspect of the process will continue throughout design.
Understanding how these same work products evolve from one phase to the next facilitates the management of the overall process. Each phase brings the work products to a level that allows them to be the resources for the next phase.
This module explains how to use the resources obtained from the first two phases of the project to create the architecture and object level designs for the software.

Module Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to:
  1. Describe how the two design phases fit into the project life cycle
  2. Transition from analysis to design
  3. Explain how the work products of analysis provide the basis for design
  4. Identify two steps of design: architectural analysis and object design
  5. Evaluate the impact of architectural analysis on object design and clarify how the two phases are related.