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Statechart Notation - Exercise

Review Statechart notation

Build a statechart

Objective Apply the process of deriving a statechart from multiple sequence diagrams.

Exercise scoring

Full credit is 10 points. You will receive 1 point for each state correctly defined and 1 point for each event corectly defined up to 10 points.


Continue the process that was started in the lesson. To complete the exercise, identify each of the states of the ShowSeat and label the events that cause the transitions between the states.
For each source sequence diagram:
  1. Identify the states.
  2. Identify the events that trigger the transition between states.
  3. Draw the statechart diagram.
  4. Merge the new diagram with the previous diagrams to form a single statechart for the ShowSeat.
From the download file you opened, use the following source sequence diagrams:
  1. exercisesourceimage1.gif
  2. exercisesourceimage2.gif
  3. exercisesourceimage3.gif
  4. exercisesourceimage4.gif
  5. exercisesourceimage5.gif

Submitting your exercise

To submit the exercise follow the steps below: Step 1
  1. In the Subject field, type OOD : Course Project, part 5 Exercise .
  2. Attach your file. Make sure your file is named cp06p05.gif. Each email program has a slightly different way of attaching files. Please check your program's documentation for full instructions.
Step 2
In the text area below, type Course project, part 5--your student ID. In addition, you can include any questions or comments you have about the exercise. When you're ready to submit the exercise, click the Submit button.