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Examples of Attribute Specifications

  1. The structure of a class is represented by its attributes
  2. Attributes may be found by examining class definitions, the problem requirements, business rules and by applying domain knowledge
The name, address and phone number for each person is needed before a reservation can be made. These elements represent the attributes of a class. The following page discusses Discovering Attributes and how to identify ways to derive attributes and extend the sequence diagram to support Data access.

CompanyName : character = spaces {1 to 30 characters, spaces, and punctuation }
InvoiceNumber : numeric { 12 digits }
Temperature : numeric { 4 decimals of precision }
Birthday : Date
UnitPrice : numeric = 0 {2 decimals }
SequenceNumber : integer = 0 { assigned sequentially by the system and unique }
MailingAddress : Address = null