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Lesson 5

Logical View and Object Diagram Conclusion

Object Diagram

Information Model
In this module, you learned the notation for the object diagram. The object diagram is used to analyze the objects in the problem domain to determine the class requirements. After the class diagram has been developed, the object diagram is used to test the class model.


Objects are identified with a name, colon, and class name. The object name can be left off to indicate an anonymous object. The object icon consists of two compartments, one for the name and one for the attributes. Attributes are described with a name and the current value.

Operations and links


This module introduced you to the following terms:
  1. Link:A relationship between two objects
  2. Object:A uniquely identifiable entity composed of information, behaviors, and relationships with other entities.
In the next module, we will explore the third diagram in the logical view, the activity diagram.

Object Diagram - Quiz

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