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Lesson 4 Generating an in-process COM server
Objective Generate an ATL-based in-process COM server.

Generating an in-process COM Server

Using our knowledge of COM and ATL concepts, we are now in a position to develop an ATL-based, in-process COM server. The server module is called PhBook.dll. It implements COM object PhBookObj. PhBookObj implements two interfaces:
  1. IReadPhBook and
  2. IManagePhBook.

In this lesson, we will generate the in-process server, ATL project. In following lessons, we will add class CPhBookObj to implement COM object PhBookObj and interfaces IReadPhBook and IManagePhBook.
To generate an in-process ATL server:

Generating in Process Com Server
The ATL-generated code includes a global instance of CComModule and the required in-process server functions.

Generate in Process Server - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to apply what you've learned about generating an in-process server.
Generate in Process Server - Exercise